Transportation Instructions + FAQ

*if you are already signed into an account on the Lime app,
log out of your personal account before trying to begin a ride from the suma app*

Ride Connection Information

We are partnering up with Ride Connection to promote some of their services.
Ride Connection is a nonprofit who provides transportation options for older adults and people with disabilities in Portland.

They have a variety of different services:

Travel Training
Learn to travel independently and safely using public transportation with one-on-one training.

Ride Together
Choose your own drivers, select a time that works best for you both, get the driver reimbursed for the miles driven.

Fare Assistance
Get (30) 1-day passes every year if your income is 200% or less of the Federal Poverty Level.

Call 503-226-0700 to ask about your options or check out their website

Before you ride:

1. For safety, wear a helmet when you ride a Lime e-scooter
2. Release the kickstand by holding onto the handles and using your foot to pull the kickstand up and back. 
3. Check the brakes by holding the brake levers down while you push the e-scooter or e-bike forward and backward. It shouldn’t move in either direction. 
4. For e-scooters, check the throttle by pushing it forward. It should spring back once you release it.

Familiarize yourself with Ride Zones on the map. These may limit where you can travel, your vehicle speed, and where you can park. Refer to this article for more information on Ride Zones.

A few things to remember about using the scooter services:

1. We’re offering free scooter rides this market season to suma users, exclusively through the suma app.
2. 2 household members cannot ride different scooters at the same time — only 1 ride can be taken at a time using the app.
3. Suma is responsible for rides longer than 30 minutes (“overages”), so please remember to not ride more than 30 minutes per ride. We understand that small overages may happen (less than 10 minutes per day).
4. Please remember to lock your scooter to end your ride every time you finish riding. If you don’t lock your scooter to end your ride, the time will continue to add up.

Instructions on riding Lime scooters

If you are having a problem with your ride:

  • Suma app stops responding (spinning wheel)
  • You cannot login 

Please reach out to Suma by email (, by text (256.578.8928). We’ll contact you quickly.

  • The QR code is damaged or unreadable: If the code isn’t damaged, tap the flashlight icon on the screen and try again. If this doesn’t work or the code is damaged, you can also enter the vehicle’s plate number. 
  • The plate number is damaged or unreadable: If both the QR code and the vehicle plate number are damaged or unreadable, you’ll need to locate another nearby vehicle.
  • The app shows a vehicle error: The vehicle requires maintenance. Locate another nearby vehicle. Our team is aware and on their way to retrieve the vehicle.
  • The app shows a payment error: contact suma by email (, by text (256.578.8928)

If you are unable to locate a vehicle that appears on the map, you can try the following:

1. Tap the vehicle on the map.
2.Tap “Ring” for the vehicle to emit a sound and ensure you are in an area with good reception. Search all open public spaces and check behind other vehicles and large structures. Please note that bad phone reception may interfere with locating a vehicle.

Check the following if you experience difficulties ending your ride.

  1. Check your location. If you have arrived at your parking spot but can’t end your ride, check you are close enough to the pin on the Lime app. GPS accuracy can vary based on your network and location, so move as close as possible to the parking pin and try again. 
  2. Check your internet connection. Verify you have a stable internet connection on your mobile phone. If you’re connected to wi-fi, try switching to mobile data.

For additional questions contact our team by email (, by text (256.578.8928) or via the help button in the app. We’ll contact you quickly.


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