Technology folks often talk about “early adopters”: those who are the first to see opportunity in new technology. Frontline communities know — racism and inequality are the original early adopters, they take the first seats at the table anytime we create something new, and they’ve turned technology into a tool that increases systemic disparities.

Let’s say that again:

Technological advances increase disparities between the haves and have nots; during these advances, the privileged dominate, the vulnerable are exploited or ignored.

We must invest in communities on the frontlines of technological change so they can lead us to a just and community-centered digital future.

bridging the digital divide

Suma co-leads the City of Portland’s Addressing the Digital Divide workgroup, a formal part of the City’s coronavirus pandemic response. Our rapid response digital inclusion project aims to provide hundreds of frontline community members and dozens of frontline organizations with internet access, devices and training.


we are part of a movement

Suma is in solidarity with a movement to build an inclusive technology future with and for low-income people, people of color and other frontline communities. Please contact us if you want to increase frontline leadership in technology policymaking and build new digital communities.