Suma’s story begins with our fiscal sponsor Verde,

founded in 2005 for 2 reasons: Sustainability had not engaged or benefited low-income people, people of color and other frontline communities; frontline organizations lacked capacity to engage sustainability as a way to serve community. With its partners, Verde lifted up an antipoverty model of environmental investment and built a frontline community-led environmental movement.

Over time, we became increasingly concerned about technology’s impacts on frontline communities and about a familiar dynamic: technology stakeholders failing to engage or benefit frontline communities; frontline organizations lacking capacity to engage technology as a way to serve community.

In response, Verde launched its Suma program to build an inclusive, participatory technology future with and for frontline communities. July 1, 2020, Suma spun off from Verde into a separate nonprofit. We are fortunate to launch with good people, early funding commitments, and great partners. Please join us…