Frequently Asked Questions: The Suma App and our 2023 Holiday Special

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Q: Who is suma?

Suma is a nonprofit organization in Portland, OR. Founded in 2020, we believe that community-led technology is required to advance financial independence and quality of life for low-income families. You can find more information on our nonprofit website:

Q: What is the suma app?

The suma app is a web-based app you can use on your phone, tablet, laptop or other internet-connected device. We developed the suma app to stretch your money and help our communities save on the things they buy the most: food, transportation, utilities. You can find more information about the suma app on our nonprofit website

Q: How was the suma app developed?

Since 2020, suma has worked with community members like you through surveys, pilot projects, and small group discussions to develop the suma app.

We’ve worked with many partners to engage community members, including Hacienda CDC, Home Forward, Our Just Future (formerly Human Solutions), Proud Ground, Verde, Community Vision, Brown Hope, Immigrant Community & Refugee Organization and others.

Q: Who can participate in the suma Holiday Special?

We are offering our Holiday Special to all validated suma users.

Q:What does it mean to be validated? 

To become a validated suma user, you must be a community member who is connected with our partner organizations, including Hacienda CDC (Cully properties), Proud Ground, Our Just Future, Home Forward (New Columbia), Verde, Habitat for Humanity, Miracles Club. Please text us at 971-351-7862 if you have any questions about participating. For all future news on where we’re at with our progress of the app, you can subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on instagram at

Q: How does it work? 

100 suma app users can purchase a prepared holiday meal from Portland’s own Sheridan’s Market (one meal per user). Each meal has a value of $195 dollars and can feed 4-6 people. Meals must be ordered by December 8, 2022.

Q: How do I order the suma Holiday Special?

Great question! If you haven’t already, register for a suma account at There may be a waiting period for verification of eligibility. 

If you’re already a validated suma member, go to the food tab and click on “2023 suma Holiday Special.” Next, select which meal you’d like. Then, tap the cart icon to start checkout. If you haven’t yet, add $10 into your suma account at checkout with a credit or debit card. Select your pickup option and complete your $10 meal purchase! And lastly, just keep an eye out for a confirmation text with more details. 

If you don’t receive the confirmation text or you get stuck on the app, reach out to us at For step by step instructions on how to register and order your meals, please see our suma Holiday Special videos in English (with captions) and in Spanish (with captions)

Q: Can I use a prepaid debit card?

Most prepaid debit cards should work. But, some prepaid debit cards can’t be used for “online purchases” at times so please keep this in mind.

Q: Are there going to be any other charges, or is it really only $10 to take advantage of this special?

You will only have to pay $10!  There are no extra taxes, fees, or delivery charges for this special.

Q: When do I have to pick up my meal?

You will have between the dates of December 22 – 23 to pick up your meal at Sheridan’s Market: 409 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97214. Sheridan’s Market is open 8AM-7PM.

Q: What if I don’t have transportation to Sheridan’s Market?

No problem! During your checkout process on the suma app, you will be asked if you prefer to pick up your meal at Sheridan’s Market or at a convenient community location. Simply select the community pick up location you prefer and our team will work on delivering your meal to a convenient dropoff location and time in your community on December 22nd.

Delivery location options are:

    1. Home Forward-New Columbia Resident Services Office, 9022 N Newman Ave Portland OR 97203
    2. Hacienda CDC, 6700 NE Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97218 
    3. Our Just Future, Arbor Glen Apartments 2609 SE 145th Ave, Portland, OR  97236

Q: Will I need to cook the food?

No, these are completely prepared meals that are ready to eat or to refrigerate and reheat. You can find reheating instructions here on Sheridan’s website.

Q: How long do the meals keep in the refrigerator?

3-4 days.

Q: I’m concerned with the privacy of my personal information, how do you protect my information?

Protecting and keeping your information safe is our priority! Your financial information is protected using bank-level encryption and never shared without your consent. You will only need your order number (not your name or phone number) to pick up your food at Sheridan’s Market or at a convenient community delivery location. Please see our community-led privacy policy for more details about how we use and protect your information:

Q: Can I volunteer to help with the suma Holiday Special?

Absolutely!  We would love your help. Please email us at and we’ll reach out to you with more information.

Q: Are there going to be any other events like these in the future?

Absolutely!  And we would love to have you be a part of our app for all future events and specials. The best way to stay up to date with future events is to follow us on instagram ( You can also subscribe to our newsletter.


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