Community Driven Technology Solutions

Technology barriers hinder financial independence and quality of life for low-income individuals, people of color, adults with disabilities, and other frontline communities. suma’s community-driven tech solution removes these barriers, making essential goods and services more affordable.

Our Story

“Suma” means “sum, total, addition, or combination” in Spanish. The suma app aggregates opportunities for frontline communities to access discounts and subsidies, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

We envision an inclusive technology landscape for frontline communities that are often exploited or overlooked by the tech sector.

What We Do

Digital Organizing

We develop and share tailored curricula to build digital capacity with frontline communities.

Digital Justice

Collaborating with partners and governments, we advocate for digital policies that involve community members and bridge the digital divide.

Digital Enterprise

We launched the suma platform, a community-built payment app that helps low-income households save money on essential expenses like food, transportation, and utilities.

suma for Community Members, Partners, and Funders

For Community Members

Experience the power of the suma app in stretching your budget and saving you money on essential expenses such as food, transportation, and utilities.

We built the app for people like you – the ones hustling to make ends meet, looking for discounts and savings on the things you buy the most.

for suma and start saving!

For Partners

As a vendor, affordable housing provider, or frontline partner, the suma platform enables you to strengthen community connections, reach new customers, and meet vital community needs.

Sign up for updates within the suma community or contact us to discover how suma can help you amplify your reach and impact.

For Funders

Your support for the suma platform helps frontline communities confidently engage the world of technology and work together to address community priorities like poverty, climate change, and racial injustice.

Download our one-pager for more information. Interested in supporting our mission? Sign up for a call to learn more.

The suma Platform: An Overview

Log In

To get started with suma, simply visit and click “Continue.” Enter your phone number to receive a quick 6-digit verification code. Enter the code to login.

The suma Platform: An Overview

Signing Up

Add your name and address to complete your registration and start buying on the suma app.

The suma Platform: An Overview

Home Screen

Upon logging in, the Home Screen provides a clear view of your account balance and tracks the amount you’ve saved through suma.

The suma Platform: An Overview

Food Tab

Navigate to the Food Tab to access discounts and subsidies on essential food items, regardless of where you shop.

The suma Platform: An Overview

Mobility Tab

With the Mobility Tab, you can experience the convenience of affordable and private transportation options.

The suma Platform: An Overview

Utilities Tab

Save money on utility bills.

Current App Offerings

2023 Summer Special

We are helping communities connect with the St. Johns Farmers Market and the King Farmers Market. First-time buyers load $5 into their suma wallet and receive $24 in market vouchers, plus free transportation to and from the market.

Download the King Market Flyer

Download the St. Johns Flyer

Crafting the suma Privacy Policy: Our Approach

suma’s outreach team worked with community members, partners, and legal counsel to create a community-based privacy policy for the suma app.

Community members shared privacy concerns, reviewed best practices, and provided detailed policy recommendations in small group discussions facilitated by the suma team.

We then used the community’s recommendations to guide the suma app’s inaugural privacy policy.

Explore past suma events

  • Pioneering A Transformative Mobility Journey
    In 2021, we partnered with Hacienda CDC and Verde to work on improving access to affordable and private transportation. Together, we tested a transportation platform prototype (suma 1.0) in Hacienda CDC’s resident community.


We're building the suma platform to connect you with new customers at reduced customer acquisition costs and to increase participation in your community discount programs. Stay tuned to this site for more information, and join our mailing list to get platform updates.