Poverty, digital exclusion, and privacy concerns prevent frontline communities from accessing critical services (transportation, clean energy, food) because technology is becoming the inescapable intermediary for these services and because service providers increasingly demand personal information. For those without a credit card, debit card or bank account, the barriers are even higher.

Portland’s frontline community members — whether banked or unbanked — want and need access to these critical services, but at reduced costs and greater privacy protections. In response, Suma works with community members and technology stakeholders to co-create a platform that meets the community’s priorities: cost, access, privacy.

building a prototype

2020, Suma works with community members,our enterprise workgroup and affordable housing stakeholders to design a prototype multi-sided platform, Suma 1.0.

pilot projects

2021, Suma conducts affordable housing pilot projects to assess the effectiveness of Suma 1.0 in meeting the community’s cost, access and privacy priorities.

new partners welcome

Please contact us if you’d like to join our community-based business modeling process by participating in our enterprise workgroup, helping design Suma 1.0 or hosting a pilot project.